Click on the menu item “Submit a Listing” and follow the instructions.

You will need to login if you are registered or register if you are not registered. The links to login or register are in the Submit a Listing instructions as well as the menu item “Log in” which is shown if you are not logged in.

You can only update a Listing you have submitted.

Log in then go to your Listing and click the “Edit” button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the completed Listing submission form for your listing which you can edit.

  1. Register and login;
  2. Use the Contact us form to advise us of the Listing you want to amend;
  3. Include in the Contact us form your position in the organisation, confirmation you have authority to amend the Listing, a contact telephone number, and the username you used to register on this website.
  4. We will confirm your authority to amend the Listing and then we will make you the author of the Listing so you can amend the Listing.

The standard listing is free and will always be free. This will be more than sufficient for most businesses. Also, all categories are free.

We promote special industry related events on our website for which we charge a fee.

Wa also have featured listings for which we charge a fee.

There is also a limited amount of banner advertising.

When they are inputted they are separated using commas.

They are primarily used as an alternative alphabetical search. If you are listed as an individual you may want to include the initial of your first name and surname.

By default Listings are sorted randomly each time the page is opened or refreshed.

Users can also choose to sort by various criteria including business name, town or post code.

For an extra charge some listings may be featured at the top of the page.

Once your listing is approved we will add the listing to the “Search by Map” and link the location back to your Listing details.